WMF My2go

Cutlery set with case

Smart cutlery on the move.

Creative, healthy and diverse meals in your lunch box with lots of fruit and vegetables - prepared, pre-cooked anbd packed for wherever you want to go. This food trend sets you up perfectly for the day ahead – and wheater it's breakfast at your desk, lunch in the park and drinks on the go. With My2go WMF is now launching a new kind of cutlery.

The cutlery set comes in a stylish and practical carry case and is designed especially for food on the move. Easy-to-handle, light and hygienically packed: My2go is the eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cutlery.

The new To-Go cutlery set made of Cromargan fits into any bag and significantly reduces the use of disposable cutlery and thus plastic waste. The case is made of 100% recycled material, can be cleaned in the washing machine for repeated use. The WMF My2go set contains - each in the same length - a smart knife for easy cutting and spreading, a fork in trendy "Göffel" shape with which solid and also liquid food can be eaten and a medium deep spoon. Thanks to the straw with cleaning brush, you'll probably never need a plastic straw again  – even when enjoying your favorite smoothie to-go.

With the environmentally friendly My2go cutlery set from WMF, you'll be prepared for any meal on the move - whether at work, on a trip, or at a barbecue with friends.

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