Innovation & Design Thinking


Innovative product ideas and intelligent user concepts tap into new market potential. We offer a creative and structured method for initiating and shaping innovation and development processes. Our creativity techniques help you think in unconventional ways and generate fascinating solutions for current challenges. Together with your team we formulate the right questions and set the decisive impulses in order to filter out and define the essence of complex requirements. We look for the simple in the complex and elaborate a user-oriented added value for you and your products.


Why Barski Design?


We take a creative and playful approach to developing ideas and think about the unachievable. We generate prototypes for test purposes so as to elaborate surprising insights and convincing solutions for the future.  Our feeling for socio-cultural and technological changes, for new currents and trends helps us develop innovations that are pioneering for you and your market. All Innovation & Design Thinking Projects

Innovation culture

Design thinking unites diverging and converging thinking and turns innovative visions into feasible solutions. Ideas that at first sight seem unrealistic and are consequently typically quickly rejected represent a huge innovation potential. Thinking in terms of the impossible helps expand the borders of what is achievable and permits exciting solutions. 


Interdisciplinary communication

Design thinking relies on the experiences, interpretations and perspectives of an interdisciplinary team. The method initiates a fruitful exchange between professionals from various sectors and accordingly expands the scope for ideas and solutions.


Future-oriented usage concepts

As trailblazers we pick up new topics and trends and translate them into needs in usage concepts that are not only future oriented but also socially relevant.

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