You can also improve your chances of success through attractive, expressive and unmistakable packaging! This is the most direct instrument for communicating your product apart from your brand. Our packaging concepts stand out for their aesthetic quality, simple handling and sustainability in manufacture and disposal. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise on material we can offer you the best possible support during the development of your new packaging. 


Your packaging should be as individual as your product. We develop attractive and informative packaging solutions that ensure perfect protection for your product. We provide you with extensive information on innovative and sustainable materials, production methods, printing and finishing techniques.  All Packaging Projects

The relevant aspects: 

Structural packaging

In good shape – that is the aim of structural packaging. If the design of a packaging can be clearly assigned to a brand in every format without its attendant branding the packaging itself offers the additional benefit of shaping identity.



A product’s essential message should be clearly communicated so that the customer can directly recognize its function and benefits. We develop self-explanatory icons, informative descriptions and clearly understandable information so that packaging not only ideally presents the product but also the brand.


Product line architecture

Unmistakable – and that also goes for the details! In order to structure complex product lines as clearly as possible, an overarching product line architectures needs to be developed to give the customer a good overview and create a distinct brand affiliation.


Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging concepts can help you attain a competitive edge. You will make a positive impression on existing and potential customers and strengthen the credibility of your brand. Packaging design in particular is currently undergoing a huge transformation away from plastics instead favoring high-quality “green” alternatives. Highly promising examples are sustainable molded fiber products from Paperform or PAPERFoam®. Where it is not possible to forgo plastic ecological materials are favored. Today an important role is played by PCR or post-consumer- recycled material - a high quality plastic made from recycled material.


Unboxing as an experience factor

Unpacking a product is an important emotional experience for many users and is accompanied by excitement and anticipation. Fascinating and attractive packaging solutions make a decisive contribution to how the purchaser experiences a product. The phenomenon of unboxing illustrates how important tailored packaging is as the first interface between the user and the product.

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