We integrate current trends in various fields such as lifestyle and fashion, fitness and nutrition, technology and mobility, not to mention architecture and interior design in our analysis, thereby adding a breath of fresh air and new ideas to product and innovation development. We keep an eye on mega-trends, get all the latest information at trade fairs, and are familiar with the latest trend reports. To develop a successful innovation, it is important to analyze the focus group closely and to understand its dreams, wishes, and expectations. In the case of new products, the aim is to trigger desire and set new trends. 

A network of experienced specialists and research institutes with an in-depth knowledge of trends, high performance materials and pioneering technologies support us in realizing new ideas and innovative design concepts.


Why Barski Design?


We go to where things happen, conduct tests, ask questions, and do analyses. We compile individual personas, and define specific requirements. Given our diverse services and our extensive network in a wide range of fields we are always up-to-date, able to give you the best possible advice, and compile a tailor-made analysis for you.

As independent researchers we research, ask questions, and examine the latest topics for you. What you are interested in and what you are looking for remains unrecognized and confidential. We impart knowledge and network you with the right experts from a wide range of disciplines. All Research Projects

Competition analysis

We draw up detailed competition analyses taking into account all the aspects and factors that are relevant for your planned product development. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of comparable competing products, discover potential innovations and combine these insights to develop new requirements and unique selling points for your product design.


Application scenarios

We observe the motives of the user and their specific interaction with the product so as to generate positive user experiences. It is necessary to understand the applications in order to tailor the product precisely to the user’s needs.


Target group analysis

Whether a product establishes and asserts itself on the market depends on whether it users accept it or not. In analyzing customers’ needs we include the findings of market research and trend forecasts in our research work.

We define various user groups and fictional persons in order to reliably adapt a product to users’ characteristic needs.


Trend analysis

Our innovation culture is based on the continual exchange of knowledge with associated and interdisciplinary professions. As specialists in observing, perceiving, scanning, analyzing and questioning we understand the new or emerging needs and use them as a basis for developing new products, usage concepts or scenarios. We always advise you reliably on current regional and global trends.

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