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Besides his commitment as a design jury member and as a guest lecturer at several universities of design, Olaf Barski is a speaker at international design conferences like BDCI, Shenzhen and Business of Design Week, Hong Kong, and an active member of the German Design Council, DDC (German Designer Club), aed (Architecture, Engineering, Design) and iF (International Forum Design).

German Design Council
The German Design Council, founded in 1953, supports the exchange of knowledge about design, innovation and branding. It organises design exhibitions, publishes industry-specific publications and organises the internationally renowned German Design Awards and the German Brand Awards. On the new "ndion" content platform, interesting topics relating to design, innovations and trends are published.

DDC German Designer Club
The DDC (Deutscher Designer Club), founded in 1989, is a registered association in Frankfurt am Main that promotes "Good Design" in the German-speaking world and organises the annual competition for "Good Design".
Design Plus
The Design Plus Award has been presented to Messe Frankfurt since 1983 as part of the annual Ambiente international spring consumer goods fair. The Design Plus Award was created to support and expand the importance of the topic of design for Frankfurt's consumer-goods fairs and is now also offered at the International Sanitation and Heating Fair (ISH) and the International Trade Fair for Lighting and Building Automation, Light + Building.

Asia Designer Communication Platform
The Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP) is an international association based in Hong Kong that promotes the interests of designers and supports design worldwide. It is the first interdisciplinary design association in Asia with offices in Newark (USA), Sydney and Amsterdam, among others. Since its foundation, it has supported renowned designers to successfully enter the international stage. ADP continuously organises international exhibitions, workshops and seminars as well as exchange activities. The ADP Design Tour is held several times a year in different metropolises such as Bangkok or Tokyo and offers a series of events that connect designers from all over the world with each other and with other industries. Since 2018 Olaf Barski has been Adviser / Design Consultant for ADP.
University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd
The School of Design started in 1776, when a drawing school was founded in Schwäbisch Gmünd. To this day, students are trained there in product, communication and interaction design as well as Internet of Things - Design of Networked Systems and Strategic Design.
Fraunhofer IGD, Institute for Computer Graphics Research
The Fraunhofer IGD is a research institute founded in 1987. As a leading international institution for applied research in visual computing, Fraunhofer IGD is a pioneer in the fields of "virtual product development" and "multimedia learning". Technological solutions are developed that transform information into images and extract information from images.

iF International Forum Design e.V., Hanover
As one of the oldest design institutions in the world, the iF International Forum Design has a lasting influence on the design scene. Since 1953, the Forum has been promoting good design and sensitising the public to it. It supports companies in integrating design into their strategies and strengthens the role of the designer in bringing social change through design. The iF Design Award is presented annually in various categories.
aed, Architecture, Engineering and Design Stuttgart e.V.
The aed is an initiative founded in 2004 by Stuttgart architects, engineers and designers whose aim is to communicate to the public the great design competence in the Stuttgart region - from product and graphic design through multimedia and engineering to architecture. Events, guided tours and the "neuland" competition for young designers are intended to promote and sharpen the diversity and importance of good design.

Design Turkey
Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards is a competition organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Export Association (TIM) and the Society of Industrial Designers of Turkey (ETMK) within the framework of the TURQUALITY® program. The award program aims to make visible the benefits of good design for society and economy in Turkey by rewarding good product design that meets the needs of users and offers added value and competitive advantage.
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