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To ensure product development is successful it makes sense to clearly structure and tailor the complex design process and divide it into individual, manageable stages.

Generally speaking we begin with a very detailed, in-depth research and analysis phase during which we examine the fundamentals. We take the insights gained and develop initial ideas on how to find solutions, combine these into an independent and holistic design concept, and then elaborate the results down to the last detail. If necessary we also support the project in the structural phase, assisting with the production of the first prototypes to ensure it is duly ready for mass production. We are also happy to advise you on the communications measures that are necessary for a successful market launch.

Research & analysis

We begin every design development project by collecting and assembling important information in order to properly understand the fundamentals and requirements. We analyze the competition and examine the product's use and how It will function in daily life. We conduct interviews in order to better understand the topics and are able to derive from them initial ideas for improvements. Our trend research leads us into associated fields. Finally, we evaluate the human, technological and business factors that are relevant for the success of the project from a design viewpoint and then move onto the next step, namely creating ideas.

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Creating ideas

From among the numerous creative ideas and approaches possible we distill the most meaningful and innovative design concepts and visualize them in sketches and simple models. We map out USPs and develop various innovative alternatives with standalone signature elements that deliver unmistakable quality.

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Design conceptualization

We develop the first approaches for an independent and trailblazing design language that conveys the competence of the brand, exceeds customers' current expectations, and in future lends all products a coherent, professional and unmistakable appearance. We create 3D visualizations that offer a realistic impression of the future products.

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Models and prototypes allow us to move the discussion from a conceptual and mostly abstract level to one that is specific, tangible, and therefore verifiable. Permitting mistakes is a fundamental part of the innovation process. A flexible approach means results can be delivered fast and corrected if necessary. Solutions and part-solutions are elaborated and tested in small steps. Consequently, the creative process remains transparent and agile at all times.

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Design detailing means refining all surfaces and details in 3D, adjusting things to construction constraints in production, i.e., to the technical components required, and design optimization. We support the product's progress into construction and prototype construction and coordinate with manufacturers and suppliers in all aspects that are relevant to design. We provide QA from a design-relevant perspective and can flag off molds, tools and surfaces.
Finally, a convincing, holistic design system should be realized that takes into account the general manufacturing and economic conditions and ideally meets the quality, functional, efficiency and design requirements.

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Market launch

We bring our experience to bear in supporting our clients during the market launch. Our aim is to make a valuable contribution that will perhaps translate into being awarded a renowned design prize.

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