For successful product development it makes sense to clearly structure and tailor the complex design process and divide it into individual, manageable stages.

01Product design


New innovative technologies, the installation spaces and technical circumstances are incorporated into the design process from the outset.


We filter out meaningful and innovative design concepts from the numerous creative ideas and approaches, and visualize them in sketches and models.

04Design conception

In 3D the ideas are adapted to the technical circumstances as regards ergonomics and handling, functionality and aesthetics.


Prototypes allow us to move the discussion on from a conceptional and mostly abstract level to one that is specific, tangible, and therefore verifiable.

Permitting mistakes is a fundamental part of the innovation process. Agility means results can be delivered fast and corrected if need be. Solutions and partial solutions are elaborated and tested in small steps. Consequently, the creative process remains transparent and flexible at all times.


07Market launch

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