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Concept study washing machine

Fill three times. Wash once.

Three in one: Design concept for a washing machine specially tailored for people with less time and high demands. Triomat washes up to three different laundry loads simultaneously for different textile qualities and different washing programmes in the usual time in three superimposed drums. For 30°, 60°, 95° C, for fine, coloured and white laundry. All at once. All in one evening. The washing drums are removable and, as laundry containers, make pre-sorting the laundry and loading and unloading the machine much easier. They can also be used as containers for storing and transporting laundry.

The 3 drums each have a capacity of 3.5 kg of laundry, i.e. a total capacity of 10.5 kg. The innovative surface finish creates a fine film of water inside the drum, on which the laundry can move gently. The moving parts are made of high-quality plastic and work almost silently. Another special feature is the webs moulded onto the outer wall of the drum. They function according to the principle of the Archimedes pump (Egypt, 250 BC), which Leonardo Da Vinci optimized. When the drum is turned, the water is slowly transported upwards via a spiral or a spiral-shaped pipe section. In this way, the laundry moves as long as possible in the water, which is optimal for gentle washing and the reduction of water consumption.

Barski Design Industrie Design, Produktdesign einer Haushalt Waschmaschine .
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