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Rely on us to make your project into a holistic experience! The product is the most powerful ambassador of any brand and is always closest to the client. As such it needs to be unique and unmistakable, not to mention working perfectly. Good design plays an increasingly important role and is a decisive factor in a competitive environment. For product development it is enormously important to know your focus group inside-out and to properly interpret their dreams, wishes and expectations. For a convincing market presence, the precise interplay of user-friendliness, high-quality workmanship, and outstanding aesthetics is essential. A product will only win the day if it is well designed and offers noticeable value-added. We develop customized design solutions that deliver an inspiring sustainable user experience and lend their brand authenticity and confidence. All Product Design Projects

Fundamentals, research and analysis

Comprehensive research and analysis are essential for any successful product development. An understanding each and every individual product and likewise the architecture of the product line in question as well as an analysis of functionality, use and application are then combined to identify what strategies make most sense. What is the competition like? What are the particularities of the market in question? What are the customer expectations? What trends are relevant – also in associated sectors? What technological developments could play a role going forward?

Design conception

The insights gained are transformed into initial general approaches, creative ideas and innovative proposals for solutions. The best ideas are visualized and combined, and consistently explored in various alternative design concepts that take into account an array of technical, creative and economic factors.

Design elaboration

Design elaboration entails combining the best detailed solutions to form a single concept that is then elaborated and perfected. The technical and structural requirements are advanced with regard to planned size of product roll-out, manufacturing technologies, and material inputs; the results are then presented in high-quality 3D-visualizations as design reference. Functional prototypes and life-size design models are useful in this phase because they offer a clear idea of the overall impression of the product and allow you to review how it handles in real life.

Design detailing

Here the 3D data are refined and form the basis for the construction and prototype construction. In close consultation with design engineers, manufacturers and suppliers, we then define and specify the materials, colors and surface qualities. We are happy to draw up a design manual containing details of all product specifications for current and future developments.

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