Dräger Polaris 600

Premium operation luminaire

Operation optimum light.

The Polaris 600 OR light facilitates the daily work in the operating room – with intuitive controls and various set-up options. The sterile handle with intuitive touch technology allows the surgeon to adjust the light intensity and light diameter by himself as well as to steer the light head as he wishes. Thanks to new features like the color-coding on the light head or the synchronization mode, OR personnel is supported and their processes simplified. The colour markings above the luminaire body enable the operating elements to be assigned to the various luminaires more quickly. In synchronisation mode, all luminaires in the operating theatre can be set simultaneously and the light intensity and colour temperature adjusted quickly and easily. To promote concentration and avoid fatigue and glare, the lighting quality can be changed from warm white to cold white. The surgeon can choose between 3800, 4400, 5000 and 5600 Kelvin. The gradual adjustment of the light field offers optimum illumination of every surgical field. 

The integrated HD camera in the lamp body with encoded live transmission records the operation without obstructing the view and can therefore be used optimally for training purposes. The clear, functional design of the Polaris 600 reflects the highest hygiene standards: Its smooth and disinfectant-proof surface and housing with integrated camera is quick and easy to clean.

Developed by Dräger design team in cooperation with Barski Design.


Design awards

if design rot 2016
2 barski design draeger medizintechnik op leuchte polaris 600 2
3 barski design draeger medizintechnik op leuchte polaris 600 1
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