Zuchetti Shower Mixer

Design Study

You Push the Button.

The design of this shower mixer for Zucchetti combines Italian elegance with the precision typical of Barski Design's "Designed in Germany". The consistent design language of the design is determined by long ovals and full radii.

The mixer resembles the style of a hi-fi system and offers a comfortable way to select the type of spray at the push of a button. With a finely grooved rotary knob, the water temperature can be precisely adjusted, making the mixer practical and elegant at the same time.

The restrained pattern of the nozzles on the head and hand shower adds a subtle ornament to the otherwise completely chrome-plated design. The handle of the hand shower has an oval cross-section and always fits comfortably in the hand.

The combination of Italian design and German precision makes this shower mixer a special highlight in any bathroom. Its clear design language and noble material give it a timeless and elegant appearance. The comfortable operation and high-quality workmanship make it a fixture that will bring joy for a long time.








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