Design DNA


Express the competence and aesthetics of your brand in every detail!  A company-specific design language unites all the products of a particular brand under one roof and gives them an unmistakable look. As the overarching design DNA, it expresses a brand’s sheer abilities and lends all the products, including future ones, a unique, professional look.


Why Barski Design?


We familiarize ourselves with your company, your core competency and your benefits and subsequently develop a clearly defined design DNA with signature elements, which give your brand coherence, uniqueness, and recognition, transforming it into a sustained brand experience. All Design DNA Projects

Signature elements

Unique selling points speak their own language and have a high recognition value. They are the most important design features for identifying both a product and a brand. They include unmistakable symbols, unusual design, striking design elements, branding or a specific color and surface quality that represent the brand perfectly.


Logical model series

Develop a clear strategy for your new product line. If you plan various versions within a product line, for example economical basic and standard models, mid-range and advanced versions or high-quality premium models – then clearly-formulated and perceivable distinguishing features but also different configurations ensure they can be told apart. A smart and intelligent modular design enables a larger range of models and helps immensely to reduce both components and costs.

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