Medical Design


Good medical design saves lives and aims to enhance recovery, therapy and quality of life. The needs and safety of patients and the doctors treating them are the guiding principles on which product innovations focus. It is important to understand all procedures and the clinical workflow in order to develop sophisticated medical technology products. When it comes to designing intelligent system solutions the focus is on usability, the highest safety, immediate employment through "plug and play", but equally reliability and durability.


Why Barski Design?


Drawing on our many years of experience in medical design and in close collaboration with clinics and research centers, doctors and medical technicians we develop design concepts that ensure high standards in optimal usability, hygiene and safety and convince and inspire through intuitive operating concepts.  All Medical Design Projects


In medical settings, time is a factor that can make the difference – between life and death. As it is essential that medical technology implements work free of error they demand ideal and intuitive operation. Our expertise consists of reducing complexities to their essentials. We translate highly complex system procedures into smart and ergonomically optimized medical instruments that can be seamlessly integrated into the accustomed working routine. This encourages efficiency. A clean and pared-back product aesthetics contributes to safety in treatment situations and means doctors can concentrate better on their work.


Hygiene and safety

Medical technology has to meet the high standards the nursing staff expect. And in order to be approved as medical products they have to fulfil stringent criteria for failure safety, hygiene and additional strict regulations. Since optimal cleaning and sterilization must be a given this has a direct impact on the design and choice of material and necessitates smooth surfaces and radiuses that are easily wiped.


Emotions and trust

The emotional aspect has a high standing in medical design since good design can help reduce patient anxiety about their imminent treatment. From a patient’s perspective medical technology products must convey trust, safety and friendliness.


Small quantities

Production methods such as vacuum molding, rapid prototyping and manufacturing also mean that small series of items can have an attractive design and boast a high quality in technical terms. Already at a very early stage of development we select the best manufacturing method in order to realize products within the scheduled budget.

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