Interaction Design


Interaction design describes the relationship between a user and the product they are using and aims at fine-tuning the reactions of the product to the actions of the user.


The meanwhile highly complex interaction between human and machine requires easy-to-operate user interfaces that can be grasped intuitively, go hand in hand with technology and hardware, and do not cause the user any annoyance. Ideally the user should find their interaction with a product an enjoyable experience. Interaction design covers all the touchpoints that a user experiences prior to, during and after using a product – his expectations, his psychological and physiological reactions. All these experiences lastingly impact on how a product and brand are experienced.


Why Barski Design?


Through the product design we support you in generating a convincing and authentic sensory experience for your users. Create a higher degree of trust and develop genuine benefits for your customers! Digital networking and IT, smart homes, e-health and social media not only impact the new generation. Good interaction design offers numerous options for technological innovations, which make life simpler and more attractive for users. In our interaction design concepts, we develop empathy for the user so as to create a positive experience for all touchpoints, which in turn makes users feel greater trust and liking when using the product. All Interaction Design Projects

Developing new system solutions

Innovations come about through our questioning accustomed ways of doing things and product solutions. We examine whether products are still suitable for the altered environmental situation and are still up to date. We rethink the use and properties of objects and design products that can become reliable companions in our everyday lives.


Joy of Use

Good interaction design is characterized by the intelligent interplay of functionality, ergonomics, operating logic and safety. Whether analog or digital every operating element should clearly signalize to the user what it is used for and how. Positive interaction experiences are the foundation for customer satisfaction. They consolidate trust in the competence of your brand and contribute to lasting customer loyalty.


Identification and dialog

Users would like to interact with products they can relate to and identify with. We see the interaction of the user with a product as a dialog that inspires and invites him to engage in further actions.

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