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Team discussions, brainstorming and the incorporation of technological, social and cultural changes and trends provide us with additional inspiration and help stimulate new ideas and innovations.

Ideation bei Barski Design

Design conception

The various ideas give rise to the different design concepts, which are presented using 3D-renderings which realistically depict the material, aesthetics and overall appearance.

Konzeption bei Barski Design


We build models at an early stage of development to test and optimize the handling and user experience. The direct comparison of different design variants reveals the potential and enriches discussion and decision-making.

Modellbau bei Barski Design

Design detailing

Here we refine the surfaces, materials and details in 3D. We define and specify the features and qualities and document them in a design guide for future projects.

Designdetaillierung bei Barski Design

Colour Material Finish

The surface quality, material behavior, look and feel are tested and perfected.

Colour Material Finish bei Barski Design


During implementation we assist with the construction and inspect the quality of the initial sample. We accompany every development in all design-relevant aspects through to market launch.

Umsetzung bei Barski Design

Market launch

We accompany every development in all design-relevant aspects up through to market launch and are available for consultation at every stage. The distinction with renowned design awards confirms our customers the excellent design achievement.

Markteinführung bei Barski Design
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