Colour Material Finish


Take your product to a new level and generate a convincing sensual experience. Color, material and surface quality have an enormous influence on our perception and feelings. Accordingly, the use of colors in design requires a qualified reflection and implementation.


Why Barski Design?


Through an individual choice of material and color combination we produce a significant unique selling point and create a sustainable brand and user experience for every single product, for every overarching design language and every attendant product line. We advise you extensively on high-quality material solutions and surface designs that make your product stand out with an attractive appearance and feel even after being used for a long time. In designing your products from the start we consider how economic and sustainable the various styling and manufacturing options would be.  All Colour Material Finish Projects


The choice of material and surface quality has a decisive influence on the value of a product. The material shapes the identity, character and aesthetics. Haptic qualities through innovative coating and technical finishes but also high-tech materials lend products an additional benefit and make them considerably easier to use.


Samples and models

We provide you with samples and models so that you can make a realistic assessment. Being able to realistically compare original colors and surfaces but also the feel of different materials will greatly simplify your decision.

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