Rapid Prototyping


The creation of three-dimensional models greatly accelerates decision-making in every product-development phase. Rapid prototyping enables a user-oriented and critical examination of the planned product. Prototypes allow us to raise the discussion from a conceptional and mostly abstract level to a specific, tangible and therefore verifiable level. The models make it possible to directly test handling and ergonomics, functionality and technology, but also the proportions and the overall appearance.


Why Barski Design?


Using our 3D programs (SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, Creo Pro Engineer) we digitally construct true-to-life 3D models. We define and specify the properties and qualities and document them in a design guide for future projects. During implementation we assist with the construction and inspect the initial sample. Together with our partners we quickly create life-size prototypes – for market research, trade fairs, or internal presentations. We accompany every development in all design-relevant aspects through to market launch. All Rapid Prototyping Projects

Comparability of model versions

Interactive prototypes and real physical models make it possible to directly compare and evaluate the various design versions and concept designs. This means that potential, advantages and disadvantages of the respective model solution can be identified, optimized and advanced at an early stage. By simulating work and usage processes the final design can be ideally geared to the user and it also delivers the quality that its design promises.

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