Public Design


Well-designed street furniture lends cities a distinctive character.  It enables the appropriation of urban space and allows people to identify with it. Urbanity is always characterized by interaction. We need spaces in which we can play, dream, be amazed and live. 


Why Barski Design?


We develop timelessly elegant street furniture and bus shelters that fit harmoniously into their urban environment. By using materials of a high quality that are weather proof and require low maintenance we achieve a constantly high quality that lasts many years. Our street furnitures for urban space, passenger shelters and signage systems set new standards for public space, and have received numerous awards for their high design quality. All Public Design Projects

Quality of life  

Public design has a socially inclusive function and creates the means for cultural and social participation. Public design has a direct influence on the quality of space and life. It contributes to the identity of public space. Attractively designed public places increase people’s sense of wellbeing and convey a feeling of trust and safety. Our urban furniture invites people to linger, enables social encounters and consequently has a strong, communicative standing. Always guided by the motto of vibrancy, creativity and diversity we design individual solutions for urban milieus and living spaces across different cultures.


Multi-functional service offers 

As we move towards smart cities intelligent and multi-functional service offers have also become indispensable with respect to urban furniture. Enhance the attractiveness of places and the comfort of citizens and tourists through smart, barrier-free system solutions. We are happy to support you in developing a tailored, innovative infrastructure that contributes to a modern urban landscape while only needing a low level of resources.

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