Orientation Systems


To ensure good orientation, signage systems must establish a clear communication to their recipients.  A good orientation system is an offer to the seeker and makes life in public space and in complex buildings easier.


Why Barski Design?


We are so inundated with information in today’s modern society that clearly structured orientation systems which can be understood by everyone are indispensable. So as to attain an ideal overall appearance we fine tune the communicative design measures with the existing spatial situation and the principles of human perception. In developing our design concepts, we work both with script and color and develop internationally understandable symbols, pictograms and arrows in order to enable the best-possible orientation in every architectural situation. All Orientation Systems Projects

Autonomy and safety 

Orientation systems support the safety and autonomy of your visitors and help remove barriers. Our information orientation systems guide your customers to their destination safely, directly and in a welcoming manner.



Orientation systems acts as your company’s calling card and shape that important first impression. Adjusted to your guiding principles and brand values we develop expressive and timeless information elements that are characterized by unambivalence and clarity and communicate all relevant information in a highly aesthetic quality.

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