ITD Rollstand Study

Rollstand Study

Tidiness with a System.

iStorage is a design study for the medical technology equipment cart market leader iTD. Its independent modular construction enables all future requirements and extensive equipment variants for every discipline. The backbone of iStorage as a load-bearing element is a multifunctional extruded aluminum profile.

Thanks to the smart design and the mechanically sophisticated details, the different model variants can be adapted to the respective requirements very easily and without effort. In this way, the rolling stand can be modified in just a few steps to suit any treatment situation in the clinic or practice.

Standardized equipment and display holders ensure that all important patient information is clearly visible at all times. A smart laptop tray with integrated storage compartment enables numerous usage scenarios. The extruded profile can be supplied with telescopic function, so ergonomic working in sitting and standing positions works very well for a wide range of body sizes.

The multi-baskets are easily and continuously attached to the profile and are designed to be injection molded from a single tool with the appropriate inserts. This is not only particularly economical, but also makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. Special adapters for hand and small tools, dividers for subdivision or other accessories are simply clipped onto the multi baskets without unused grooves or "blind" insert slots on the basket, where additional impurities could accumulate. Well thought-out partitioning and symmetrical arrangements facilitate clear storage of equipment and accessories as well as intuitive operation of medical devices. Intelligent cable management solutions are integrated into the extruded profile, are accessible at all times and ensure a calm, well-organized overall appearance and optimal work-flow.

After treatment, the rolling stand can be maneuvered safely and easily using the ergonomic handlebar grips. A special unique selling point of the iStorage design study is the innovative geometry of the base, which ensures very space-saving parking and optimal stowage in the equipment room.

A harmonious, finely coordinated color collection enables customer-specific and customized individualization and also access to new Healing Environment projects in which modern architecture, friendly interior design and humane medical technology equipment will go hand in hand in the future.

(Registered at Patent Office Munich)

Clarity in design, order and symmetry
creates orientation and trust.

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