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Ceiling supply unit

All good things come from above.

Intelligent ceiling supply units are a significant factor in the design of workplaces in intensive care, because they make the placement of medical equipment and cable connections on the floor obsolete. A wide range of components allows individual equipment according to requirements - from heavy-duty systems for the operating theatre to complex designs for intensive care units and small variants for the emergency room.

The different formats, lengths and sizes offer full flexibility and adaptability and allow optimal use of space. A smart mounting concept for attaching medical devices enables individual adjustments and changes to be made simply and easily directly at the patient's bedside. Frame rails allow medical devices to be placed at the four corners in any possible position, even out of the patient's field of sight. Various cable management solutions additionally ensure excellent organisation and a clear structure.

A rounded design in all of its details and smooth materials prevent the accumulation of disinfectants, ensuring easy and effective cleaning.  The numerous variants in colour design as well as material and surface combinations, together with the innovative lighting options, create a homely and healing atmosphere with a friendly aura - good for the nursing staff and good for the patients.

User-centred lighting options can be controlled with a simple swipe gesture.  Glare-free, indirect ceiling and floor lighting supports orientation for staff and enables documentation work at night without disturbing patients.

Sensor-equipped handles (touch-sensitivity concept) allow easy and intuitive positioning of the supply unit, especially in critical situations: Just touching a single handle is enough to release all brakes of the support arm system and immediately reposition the supply unit.

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