Edelrid Boulder Packaging

Packaging series for climbing equipment

Good in shape.

The design study of a new packaging series for climbing equipment for Edelrid rethinks packaging. The focus is on an intelligent, innovative packaging system that avoids chemical coatings and uses only environmentally friendly materials such as paperform. The distinctive shape is the signature element and creates recognition and a differentiation. In outdoor sports there are many nature lovers who attach importance to durable quality and fairly produced products. The aim is to develop a distinctive and comprehensive design language for Edelrid packaging as well, which reflects the demands and brand values of Edelrid 100%. The intelligent and aesthetically sophisticated structural packaging concept is distinctive and economically well thought-out and is suitable for as many Edelrid carabiner sizes as possible.

5 barski design edelrid fitness sport boulder packaging
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6 barski design edelrid fitness sport boulder packaging
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