Schaefer Slidesafe

Slide handle for WC doors

It can also be simple!

The new SLIDESAFE push handle impresses with its particularly simple operation and its product design that has been reduced to the essentials.

This sliding fitting enables intuitive operation, which makes locking and unlocking much easier for the user. Opening and closing the WC doors with the elbow is possible with SLIDESAFE without any problems. This also massively reduces the risk of unwanted germ transmission (!).

For elderly people, children and people with a handicap, conventional fittings can become a real challenge due to the necessary tight squeezing and the complex twisting movement when locking and unlocking the WC door.

The product design with its ergonomically shaped push handle provides a solution with its smooth and straightforward operation. Gently pushing it back and forth - for example with the elbow - opens and closes the WC cabin door as if by itself. Touching the handle with your hand is a thing of the past.

Thanks to its almost touch-free operation, SLIDESAFE is a particularly hygienic and forward-looking alternative to previous door fittings for public WC facilities. The risk of germ transmission is reduced to a minimum by the almost contactless use. This gives the user a permanently safe and pleasant feeling in the sanitary room. The clear and uncompromising product design offers hardly any space for dirt deposits and thus complements hygienic and safe handling in an excellent way.

The locking status of the cabinet is clearly signalled by a large indicator and thus enables optimal visitor guidance - even in highly frequented WC facilities.

The locking status is clearly visible on both the outside and inside of the WC door and gives visitors a secure feeling of privacy. Visually, the Red Dot Designaward Winner 2021 impresses with its straightforward and puristic product design. Its high-quality look made of anodised aluminium blends harmoniously and elegantly into the overall appearance of any toilet facility.

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