Barski Concept Foodfactory

3D Foodprinter

Busy as a bee.

Foodprinting moves food production into the home kitchen. This makes a lot of packaging superfluous. With print materials in returnable cartridges, even disposable food packaging can be avoided almost completely.

Technology offers completely new ways to design food. Detached from traditional preparation methods, unconventional food combinations and uses can be explored. This applies, for example, to the production of convincing meat substitutes or the use of insects as food, but also to the creation of completely new dishes.

However, foodprinting is not just a technology for private individuals who don't feel like cooking, but has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for many people. In Germany, 5 million people have chewing or swallowing disorders. In old people's and nursing homes, these people are often only provided with pureed food. Foodprinting technology provides a solution here: printed soft foods not only look like normal food, they even feel like it in the mouth thanks to a printed microstructure. And because each dish is printed individually, each meal can be personalized to suit allergies and intolerances.

This is exactly where Barski Design's design concept comes in. A food printer that can either fit seamlessly into the modular system of an existing kitchen or be set up completely autonomously as a solitaire solution. A few Foodprinters can replace a large part of the home kitchen and, with the help of smart software, serve all the needs and requirements of the residents for their meals.

Designed as a "food factory," the Foodprinter is not a toy for hobby cooks, but highly functional. Behind the striking front door, a busy beehive opens up, divided into a hexagonal grid strictly according to the principle of the honeycomb. An integrated mixer allows the preparation of printed material from fresh ingredients directly in the device - a magazine of 10 cartridges enables a completely free and individual selection of ingredients. So the food of the future can take on a whole new shape.




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