Hetronic Ergo S

Handheld transmitter

Safe and reliable operation.

ERGO S transmitter is an ergonomically designed, fully programmable handheld transmitter that provide the operator complete control over their industrial machinery - for safe and reliable operation. The new ERGO S brings the ergonomics of handheld transmitter to a new level with functional safety to meet the highest standard. It is equipped with up to 12 programmable buttons, a 2.4” TFT screen and with a joystick control capable of operating in rugged environment with IP65 rating.

ERGO S can be tailored to different types of application requirements and it’s the perfect solution for skip loaders, hook lifts, trucks, side loaders, cranes, crushers and more. The Transmitter is also equipped with a belt clipping feature and also a magnetic function to facilitate the user to attach the Transmitter to the equipment when not in used. Capable of operating on a number of Frequencies including 4XX Mhz, 8xxMhz, 9xx MHz or the 2.4 GHz the ERGO S is also customer programmable with the Hetronic H-Link PC system. The Transmitter is also equipped with the latest Hetronic designed firmware which offer top safety features.

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Hetronic Produktdesign Funkfernbedienung
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