Hensel Modular Flash Unit

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The modular flash unit offers a tailored, smart hybrid solution for the professional photographer and the ambitious amateur. The modular system can be individually equipped with its innovative lens modules and can also be temporarily extended as required. The photographer therefore does not opt for just one device, but for a complete system. All modules are compatible and offer maximum flexibility for every application. The hardware consists of various main actors, such as the light formers and light effect attachments, various light sources with socket, cooling and capacitors, the software module and the digital control unit with ergonomic handle strip. The intelligent power module enables the integrated power supply through a power supply unit for indoor use and can be exchanged for a high-performance battery for mobile outdoor use. The entire range can be integrated into a flashlight unit and the individual modules can be easily maintained, replaced or added - sustainable service and maximum comfort for indoor and outdoor use.

The modular concept is protected as utility model no. 20 2016 100 519 and has been registered as a patent.

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