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Tower fridge

Large refrigerator, small space.

The fridge as a stand-alone solution. Optimum use of space in a small kitchen thanks to its triangular, space-saving footprint. The tower with its large glass revolving door is particularly suited for small kitchens with limited wall surface or workspace. A flat look and feel with an unique, innovative overall appearance. The revolving basket can be swiveled out where required and the door can be closed again. In this way yoghurt, cream etc. can be used while cooking and the door does not have to be opened and closed repeatedly.

Barski Design smartes Produktdesign für Haushalt und Küche,
Barski Design smartes Produktdesign für Kühlschränke,
Barski Design smartes Produktdesign im Detail,
Barski Design smarte Gestaltung für Haushalt und Küche,
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