Barski Concept HiFive

UVC Device

Effortless Clean Air.

HiFive purifies indoor air in larger and closed rooms where there is no ventilation system yet. HiFive is quiet and reliable and reduces exposure to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. UV disinfection works at wavelengths of 200 to 300 nm, has a strong bactericidal effect, and works highly efficiently because microorganisms cannot develop resistance to UV radiation. They are quickly rendered harmless with UV radiation, as the UV light hits the RNA or DNA of the microorganisms and permanently destroys their structure. With sufficiently high irradiance and duration, UV disinfection is a safe and environmentally friendly method, since the use of chemicals is not necessary. Unlike HEPA air filters, HiFive does not require any filter material at all and the associated costly and complex filter changes.

The room air is drawn in by axial fans on the front side, irradiated with UVC light through a labyrinth system inside the unit, and expelled again at the rear. Since the UVC radiation is carefully shielded and does not escape from the housing, it is possible to run HiFive in continuous operation. This results in germ-free room air and permanent air circulation in particularly polluted rooms such as schools, kindergartens, fitness studios and hospitals. As self-contained systems, the various designs are simply suspended from the ceiling like a pendant lamp, making them a true plug-and-play solution and a real asset to any room.

Smart design solutions for the healthy together of tomorrow.




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