aed Neuland jury 2019


aed neuland 2019 design jury

Every two years, with the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the aed hosts the "neuland" sponsorship award, a competition for up-coming designers. The competition is a platform for particularly talented young designers. The aim is to promote innovative and sustainable design which is characterised by the highest possible economic and ecological quality and which is functional, user-friendly and meets the highest aesthetic standards. The design should always focus on people and the social benefits associated with the design. The "neuland" competition for young designers is deliberately interdisciplinary.

The design juries this year are: Architecture + Engineering: Kai Bierich, Ben Kauffmann, Katrin Schlecht, Werner Sobek, Petra Stephan. Exhibition Design + Interior Design: Dieter Hofmann, Susanne Tamborini, Diane Ziegler. Product Design: Olaf Barski, Lutz Dietzold, Nils Holger Moormann, Tom Schönherr. Communication Design: Brigida González, Stephan Ott, Peter Scheerer, Andreas Uebele. Interaction Design: Jürgen Späth, Margarete Wies.

The jury meeting will take place on 7 May 2019 at the ILEK, Institute for Lightweight Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart. The winners will be announced and honoured on 04 July 2019 at the award ceremony at the Haus der Architekten in Stuttgart.



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