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Olaf Barski at the Blickfang fair in Stuttgart

With his address entitled "Tomorrow’s Designer — Discoverer, Networker and Visionary”, Olaf Barski explains the future significance of design.


In future it will not be design that is the focal point of “desire”, but rather solutions that reveal new perspectives. As far as the designer’s remit is concerned that likewise means a rethink —away from the product in favor of an innovative use.

The designer understands society, is aware of socio-cultural changes, currents, and trends, understands the needs people have today, and will have tomorrow. Meaning that when markets, times, and technologies change, there is also a need for new, sophisticated ideas, concepts, and innovations.

Tomorrow’s designers will be discoverers, intermediaries, and networkers. They will design not only products, but “changes”. They will be more entrepreneurs than designers, embarking on a search for risk, setting their sights on new solutions and concepts, and winning the day against resistance.

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