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Jury member EUROBIKE AWARD 2021

The EUROBIKE AWARD, which is being presented for the 16th time this year, is one of the most important international awards that a company in the bicycle and mobility industry can win. Product innovations and outstanding, forward-looking innovations are honored in 9 categories: 1. bicycle, 2. e-bike & pedelec, 3. clothing & accessories, 4. bicycle components, 5. bicycle accessories, 6. sustainability - Green AWARD, 7. digital solutions, 8. mobility solutions, 9. start-up. The winners will be chosen and judged by an international jury of experts, which this year consists of the moderators Niko Gültig and Markus Fritsch as well as the jury members Marius Graber, Thomas Paatz, Monika Sattler, Marcus Schröder, Karla Sommer and Olaf Barski. 

The EUROBIKE AWARD is an important marketing tool for manufacturers and retailers and provides valuable orientation as well as independent information on the functionality, design, innovation content, workmanship and sustainability of new products.

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