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WetterOnline Home is winner of the German Design Award 2020

The new WetterOnline Home Station is a winner of the German Design Award 2020, Excellent Product Design, in the category Computer and Communication.


wetteronline home is designed for continuous operation and displays all relevant information about the current weather on an HD display with a stable viewing angle in a clearly arranged display. All the information can be seen at a glance, just by walking by. The user does not have to perform any actions. wetteronline home updates itself automatically and always offers the latest radar images, storm warnings, current temperature and forecasts for the next hours and days. Statement of the jury: "Feature rich and up to the minute in terms of content, the product presents as simple, unobtrusive and compact. A multitude of weather-related data is presented in an easy-to-view, uncluttered manner on a screen enveloped in a minimal white casing that outwardly suits a myriad of environments."



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