2 barski design news 2020 design talks


design talks with Dr. Nicole Busch,
Jonas Rehn-Groenendijk and Olaf Barski

Medical Design - From neurosurgical instruments to architecture
We will be talking to Dr Nicole Busch, Jonas Rehn-Groenendijk and Olaf Barski about design and research projects in the field of health and care and the possibilities that have been opened up by an expanded perspective on the issue of healthcare in recent years.


For quite a while now, the focus in the medical sector has gone beyond simply optimising surgical instruments, for example, or designing new testing equipment. Innovation is seemingly no longer conceivable without the user as the central starting point. Furthermore, it is no longer just about healing the sick by means of medication and operations, as aspects such as interior design and the entire user experience during a hospital stay also play a vital role in terms of healthcare design. The aim is not only to restore health, but also to promote the ongoing preservation of health – both mental and physical.

View the entire recording here.

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