Hawo Medizintechnik German Design Award 2018


German Design Award for NanoPak HM 950 DC-V by Hawo

Carefully conceived and developed by Barski Design – yet another Hawo heat sealer receives a German Design Award. NanoPak HM 950 DC-V was designed with the high levels of professionalism, aesthetics and solidity in medical practices and hospitals in mind and wins the German Design Award 2018.


It surpasses all its predecessors and offers smart control, comprehensive digitization, networkability and sustainability – reflecting the spirit of Industry 4.0. A number of new technologies, not to mention a high-resolution touchscreen, round out a concept that is designed for efficient ergonomics.

Pared down to the basics and extremely user-friendly, the linear design comprehensibly represents a commitment to state-of-the art technologies and standards.

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