Rehau Produktdesign e-bike Onno


Concept study ONNO® presented at Eurobike fair

The revised ONNO®, our customized solution for Rehau Unlimited Polymer Solutions, was presented for the first time at Eurobike fair 2015 in Friedrichshafen.


ONNO® is the e-bike of the future: with integrated components, tailor-made attachments and no visible cables. The built-in panel in the handlebar allows the bike to communicate with smartphone and tablet. The battery and drive, tyre pressure, total weight, positioning services, navigation system, etc. can be read and adjusted via an app. The e-bike can be operated with 1 - 3 batteries as required. Empty batteries can be exchanged for full batteries at any authorized dealer (Rent a Battery).

Get to know the ONNO® here:

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