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For successful product development it makes sense to clearly structure and tailor the complex design process and divide it into individual, manageable stages.

Design DNA

An overall design language is considered from various perspectives and is essentially composed of the following themes – overall structure of basic form and surfaces, significant trademark, detailing, color, material and surface quality, branding, product graphics and user interface design.

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Basic form and surfaces

The character of the appliances is determined by the side view of the basic body. An independent profile is created. The side facing the user is soft, round and user-oriented. The sides of the basic body are hard, precise, level and are allocated to the technology.

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The sealing devices tilt towards the user, which considerably facilitates the work involved in manual and automatic sealing. The appliances can be put directly on the base (the table), no additional surface is required. With manual operation a generous, broad stainless steel grip handle enables simple, precise and analog handling.

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Significant trademark

Every future device has a significant trademark, which stands for identification and recognition, unique quality — but also family character. For the Hawo devices that means: a tailored solution for all devices, a clear design with intelligent details, consistency in choice of material, coloring and surface finish.

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The design language can be seen in all the details of the devices: The seams are exact and linear. The grip elements are easily recognizable as such. Finely coordinated, mostly right angles are repeated. Screw connections are usually concealed.

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Color Material Finish

In der Hawo color range the materials play the biggest role. The Hawo red is only used for the logo. The signaling effect this achieves shows the Hawo brand to advantage. The anthracite-colored plastic side sections accentuate and structure the overall appearance, while the metal surfaces provide space for inspiration.

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The size of the logo is determined by the proportions of the device. Sufficient space should always be left around the logo.

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User Interface Design

Through the increasing digitization of all areas of our lives intuitively operative user interfaces are becoming increasingly important for people. Clearly designed signs, easily understandable symbols and simple user interface support the positive user experience and build trust in the brand.

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Implementation of the new design DNA

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