08.05.2015   aed "neuland" prize 2015
With the generous support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, aed organizes the “neuland” award, a competition for young, up-and-coming designers. The aim is to promote innovative and sustainable design, which is characterized by the highest possible quality in economic and ecological terms, and which is both functional and user-friendly, while meeting the highest aesthetic demands. The “neuland” competition is deliberately interdisciplinary and includes five categories: Architecture & Engineering, Exhibition & Public Design, Industrial & Product Design, Communication & Graphic Design, Mobility & Transportation Design.

more info:
http://www.aed-neuland.de/auslobung-aedneuland- 2015.html
07.05.2015   Turkishceramics Design Award
Turkishceramics and Central Anatolian Exporters Union (OAIB) are organizing the first Ceramics Design Competition in Istanbul. The design competition allows the students to present and promote their innovative sanitary projects to a wider public.

jury consists of Ahmet T. Yamaner, Alev Ebuzziya Siesbye, Defne Koz, Ece Ceylan Baba, E. Sertaç Ersayin, Prof. Beril Anılan Mert, Tapani Hyvonen, Arni Aromaa, Berna Erbilek, Can Yalman, Erdem Akan, Olaf Barski, Ömer Faruk Yakupoğlu, Tolga Berkay.
19.01.2015   New fitting series for WSS at BAU 2015 in Munich
Along with the new design of window and door handles, the newly developed panic bar handle draws attention not only by its clear and puristic design: the clever arrangement of minimalistic components allows measure restrictions even with a narrow door width. Hence there is almost no limit for the creative freedom of the planner. The new panic bar handle is also available with LED technology in RGB colors. This allows an intuitive handling in case of escape and an integration of lighting technology into the design concept of the building.

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13.02.2015   German Design Award Special Mention for „Perfect“
WMF Group and Barski Design are awarded with the German Design Award Special Mention for the premium range of baking accessories that Barski Design has developed for W.F. Kaiser. The German Design Award is an international premium prize that increases the reputation of designers and enterprises. The award will go to topquality products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers, all of whom are pioneering in German and international design landscape.

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