02.12.2013   ddc award ceremony
The e-bike Delite Hybrid that Riese & Müller has developed in association with Barski Design wins a bronce medal in the product category of DDC's design competition "Gute Gestaltung 2014". Here: Heiko Müller, managing director of Riese & Müller and Olaf Barski.
20.11.2013   Medica 2013
A new headrest system Barski Design developed for Evonos premièred at Medica Düsseldorf, the world's largest trade fair for medical technology.
06.09.2013   International consumer electronics fair, Berlin
The New DX Series earphones developed by Beyerdynamic with Barski Design have been introduced at the IFA, the world‘s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

down to the last detail whenever a new series of headphones is launched by Beyerdynamic, there is more than good sound and a sophisticated design. When developing the earphone models DX 120 iE and DX 160 iE, the audio specialist from Heilbronn aimed for no less than setting new standards in its class. The superior sound quality of the two sets of headphones speaks for itself, true to the best Beyerdynamic tradition, the DX 120 iE and the DX 160 iE reproduce a balanced sound without distortion, even at high sound pressure levels. High-quality workmanship and an elegant design emphasize the premium character of both earphone models. With full metal enclosures made from anodized aluminum, both headphones are sturdy and durable.
27.08.2013   Eurobike 2013 at Friedrichshafen
The new e-bike Delite hybrid II that Riese & Müller has developed in association with Barski Design has been shown at the most important trade fair for the bicycle industry. With Delight hybrid II, Riese & Müller has implemented an entirely new e-bike concept into a new design language that appeals to two target groups at the same time: the e-mountain-biker who takes challenging mountain trails and the sporty tour and city cyclist. Special feature: different wheel sizes for different frame sizes.
12.07.2013   Jury member “neuland” sponsorship award
With the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the aed is offering the “neuland” sponsorship award to up-and-coming designers. The design should always focus on people and the social benefit associated with it. In 2013, the aed “neuland” award will be awarded in the following categories: Architecture & Engineering, Exhibition & Public Design, Industrial & Product Design, Communication & Graphic Design, Mobility & Transportation Design.

others, the interdisciplinary jury consists of: Dr. Frank Heinlein, aed, Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves, Ben Kaufmann, Kaufmann Theilig & Partner, Lutz Dietzold, Rat für Formgebung, Prof. HG Merz, hg merz, Nils Holger Moormann Silvia Olp, burkhardt leitner_modular spaces, Dr. Katrin Schlecht, Karl Schlecht Stiftung, Prof. Dr. Dr. E.h. Werner Sobek, Universität Stuttgart, Tom Schönherr, Phoenix Design, Prof. Andreas Uebele, büro uebele and Olaf Barski, Barski Design.
02.04.2013   Interview with ProCarton
Structural design is not only useful for the presentation of premium products. It can improve both the usability of the packaging as well as its sustainability. ”Consumers are grateful when they see that someone has taken their needs seriously“, says Olaf Barski in an interview with Pro Carton.

you can find the entire interview:
25.03.2013   104 congratulatory messages from all over the world. Designers congratulate iF on its 60th anniversary
Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900 - 1990) composed the following essay for the first iF yearbook 59 years ago: "Domestic objects only fulfill their purpose when they quietly integrate into the whole context, thus serving us. After all, we want to live with these objects and enjoy them. This is how we want our chairs, our lamps, our crockery und cutlery to be, we want them to be beautiful in use, to feel and to look good. We want these objects to exude something that cannot be explained and that will enrich and relax our domestic environment."
31.01.2013   “Endstation Meer? Das Plastikmüll-Projekt” (Out to Sea. The Plastic Garbage Project) in the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg
The exhibition “Endstation Meer? Das Plastikmüll-Projekt” from the Museum of Design Zurich will be running in the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg until March 31, 2013. It looks at the huge amounts of plastic waste that end up in the sea every day, examines how this pollution impacts on nature and people, as well as exploring a series of solutions for this global problem.
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