ddc innovation made in Germany
01.12.2011   Design Innovation Made in Germany
The German Designer Club (DDC) offers companies a broad range of services: branding, marketing, product design, communication design, advertising, architecture, multimedia and exhibition design.

Members of the German Designer Club offer their expertise to Asian businesses at the Inno Design Tech Expo in Hong Kong. They show you how to place products successfully in the German and European markets using the best design and communication strategies.
Lust auf Gut
07.06.2011   Lust auf Gut
Frankfurt steht für Banken, Börse, Messe, Flughafen und die Skyline. Klar. Dazu das berühmte Museums-Ufer und eine lebendige Multi-Kulti-Szene. Frankfurt ist liberal, ist offen, ist schnell, ist international und sehr, sehr direkt. Wer Frankfurt kennt, der liebt Frankfurt - vielleicht wie seinen Apple. Und so haben wir eine vielfältige Kultur-Landschaft und damit Kultur-Wirtschaft. Nur logisch wurde deshalb in Frankfurt die "Republic of Culture" gegründet. ...more
Lesikon preview
09.03.2011   Lesikon - Juli Gudehus
The "Lesikon (German pun: "Lexikon" = dictionary and "lesen" = read) of visual communication" by Juli Gudehus is a new category of book. It has the look of a dictionary without being one. In contrast to a dictionary structured from A to Z, the "Lesikon" tells a story. Unlike a dictionary, the "Lesikon" does not offer one (supposedly fundamental) message, but allows more than one voice. There are various entries for each concept, which complement one another in their meaning or even displace or foil each other. Juli Gudehus has collected 9.704 concepts of visual communication. With the help of 3.513 co-authors, she defines and comments each of them. She garnishes them with opinions and experiences and she arranges them - not from A to Z, but from "avant-garde" to "after image". Not strictly logical but creatively associating, she creates a story out of them.
iF 2011 hawo preview
01.03.2011   iF award 2011 hawo
HD 320 MS-8 and HD 680 DE accomplish the manual sealing of foils and foil packaging in practices and laboratories. As a result of their clear, easy-to-handle structure, the devices are accurate in function and offer a high degree of user comfort.
Designpreis 2011 Hawo Preview
11.02.2011   Design award 2011 Hawo
The safe and aseptic packaging of medical instruments is one of the most important measures to protect against treatment-related infections. The sealers were developed especially for requirements in doctor's surgeries and clinics. Using high quality and recyclable materials and energy-saving technologies, as well as reducing wear parts saves resources and contributes to environmental protection. ...more
designpreis 2011 TREE preview
11.02.2011   Design award 2011 TREE Telekom
The motif for the design of the Tree line is the familiar image of a tree. The tree in public spaces, the tree as the focal point of a place. Somewhere to congregate, meet and spend some time. Trees create oases in a city. Translated this means: ...more