08.12.2010   Design Turkey 2010
Olaf Barski is invited to be a member of the jury for the Design Turkey 2010 Industrial Design Award, and to speak about „the role of the designer in the future“ at the Design Turkey 2010 conference. Design Turkey is organized with the collaboration of Undersecretariate for Foreign Trade (DTM), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) in order to highlight the benefits of good design for society and industry in Turkey.
27.10.2010   "Tea Moments" for WMF
Barski Design has developed the collection “Tea Moments” for WMF. It consists of a glass and stainless steel teapot which is equipped with a generous tea strainer and various porcellaine cups designed for different tea varieties. A single-cup tea strainer matching all different cup sizes, an “aroma cover” and a teapot warmer are also part of the collection. Tea Moments will be launched in October 2010.
09.09.2010   Opening ceremony in Bremen
The starting signal for the marketing of Bremen’s advertising spaces is given by Telekom Deutschland Out-of-Home Media and representatives of the city’s Senate for Construction. The advertising media of the design line LIGHT FRAME designed by Barski Design for Telekom Deutschland will be erected in Bremen in early 2011.
05.07.2010   Red Dot for TREE and HD 680
Barski Design wins two Red Dot Design Awards.
HD 680 DE rotary sealer, which Barski Design
for Hawo and the shelter TREE, for
Telekom are awarded with the international renowned Design Award for their high design quality. The award ceremony will take place at Zeche Zollverein and Alvar Aalto Theatre in Essen,
July 05.
30.06.2010   Litter bin NEST
The prototype of the new litter bin NEST of the design line TREE is presented at the design park of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn. Due to its simple design and balanced proportions it has a smooth and iconic character.
07.04.2010   TREE now in Arnsberg
The first passenger shelters are being erected in Arnsberg, Germany. The TREE concept shall bring the familiar image of the tree into public space: The tree as center of a place. The old village linden as meeting point.
20.03.2010   Annual Conference GfDg
At the annual conference of the Design History Society (GfDg) on March 20, 2010 Olaf Barski will give a lecture on “Neo-Functionalism“. The GfDg aims to intensify the exploration of the history of design and network research and practice. The event is being held on March 19 and 20 at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt/Main.
02.03.2010   TRILITE wins iF Design Award
The TRILITE bus shelter receives the 2010 iF product design award. The bus shelter was designed for Deutsche Telekom and will be presented at the 2010 iF product design award exhibition from March 02 through August 2010 in Hanover.
08.02.2010   Bremen to get new furniture
With the Lightframe range of urban furniture designed by Barski Design exclusively for Bremen, Deutsche Telekom landed the contract to market the city’s advertising space. As Mr. Loske, the Construction Senator, commented: “In Deutsche Telekom Bremen has acquired a contract partner with a very special place in its heart for improving the urban structure. In design and financing terms this is an excellent result for our city.“http://www.radiobremen.de/mediathek/index.html?id=024355
12.02.2010   Barski Design at Ambiente
Two new product lines by Barski Design are on show at Ambiente, the most important trade show for consumer products:
Design designs the tea service „Tea Moments“ for WMF and the new cutlery set „Grade“ for Auerhahn. Both lines will be introduced on the market in spring 2010.
04.01.2010   German Parkinson Association
Barski Design took 1st and 2nd place in the competition organized by the German Parkinson Association together with the German Designers Club. The prize-winning design concepts for intelligent tablet dispensers are intended to make taking tablets safer and thus everyday life easier for Parkinson patients.