11.12.2004   Ticonamat at Euromold
Olaf Barski is lecturing at the Euromold in Frankfurt/Main about the cultural history of washing and the development of the Ticonamat.
the news of Ticona: "The TiconaMat is high, slight and reminds of a linear-phase-loudspeaker of Bang & Olufsen. With the different that, instead of music, there is only to hear the sound of a calming water flow. The reason: The TiconaMat is a washing machine developed by designer Olaf Barski and Kelsterbach`s plastics specialist. The prototype can wash easily and fast up to three different programmes parallel. Herewith it becomes possibe to fulfill the wish of many people to safe time by doing the chores. The concept-washer is presented for the first time at the K 2004."
17.11.2004   Stella at Medica
Introduction of the operation luminaire “Stella” at the Medica in Düsseldorf. Barskidesign for Dräger Medical.
is an international leading concern of medical technology and safety engineering. Dräger develops trendsetting devices and solutions, that people trust all over the world.
28.10.2004   Silent Oasis and Ticonamat
Disclosure of the Ticonamat and the bath-capsule “Silent Oasis” at the International Plastics Trade Fair K 2004 in Düsseldorf. At the K 2004 the whole spectrum of plastics are shown. Barski Design for Ticona and Galatea.
10.10.2004   Guest lecturer Schwäbisch Gmünd
Olaf Barski accepts a teaching assignment at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd for the winter semester.
of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd educates students to become communication, interaction and product designers. The high-qualified fields of study support creative and conceptional abilities, which are combined with sciences and technical basics.
27.03.2004   Cyberstilo
Fraunhofer IGD is invited to a presentation of the Cyberstilo® at the IEEE VR Workshop in Chicago. Barski Design is selected for a presentation at the culture portal of Frankfurt/Main by the German Design Council. The 3-D-pencil Cyberstilo is a design study. The modern product development switches more and more to digital spaces. The keywords are rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing.
20.07.2004   Aeroxx 1800 product introduction
Product introduction of the hair-dryer Aeroxx 1800, designed for Wella by Barski Design.
traditional concern Wella has been founded in Darmstadt. The handhold hair-dryer has been especially designed and technical optimized to meet demands of a professional use.