10.12.2008   DDC Design Award
Our website is awarded with the DDC Design Award Good Design 2009. Congratulations to the creatives of our communication agency ade hauser lacour.
website should be developed which matches the high design standard of Barski Design. The website presents the designed products clear and well-arranged.
objects are self-explanatory and answer questions that outreach themselves."
09.12.2008   Red Dot Communication Award
Our website, designed by ade hauser lacour, is is honored with the Red Dot Communication Award 2008. "A website should be developed for the Frankfurt product design office, that informs extensively about its work and design philosophy. The target of the design has been to present the designed products clear and well-arranged and to communicate the statement, that the products approach the needs of people by their „people focused design“. The shown objects should not only be self-explanatory, but also answer questions that outreach themselves."
24.10.2008   Pininfarina Sponsorship Award
Olaf Barski judges together with Tom Schönherr, Prof. HG Merz, Matthias Kulla and Nils Holger Moormann the Pininfarina Förderpreis 2008.
connects tradition with innovation.
Pininfarina Sponsorship Award 2008 provides young designers the opportunity to introduce their innovative design concepts to the general public in a interdisciplinary design context." Olaf Barski.

27.06.2008   Red Dot Design Award
Barski Design wins two Red Dot Design Awards. The operation luminaire POLARIS, for Dräger Medical and the shelter TRILITE, for Deutsche Telekom are awarded with the international Design Award.
29.01.2008   Good Design Award
The operation luminaire POLARIS wins a good design award of the chicago athenaeum museum for architecture and design. This is already the second operation luminaire which has been created successfully for Dräger Medical by Barski Design.